Saturday, September 30, 2017

Easy Ed's Variety Hour--September 29 Broadcast

Hi, folks!

If you missed our last broadcast (September 29) you can find the free archive right here. On this show we feature brand new music from the Margraves, the Hula Girls, and Rocket J.; an incredible, never-before-broadcast home recording by the Hell Divers; news from last weekend's New England Shake-Up and the upcoming Ponderosa Stomp--stellar events, both; and new 45s acquired in recent travels--plus lots of classic rockabilly, hillbilly, R&B, and rock 'n' roll. 

As always, we greatly appreciate your listenership. If you like the show, let us know! You can send messages and requests to our Facebook page. We'll be back with a new show in two weeks. Thanks!

Here's what we played:

Jerry Lee Lewis “Drinkin' Wine Spodee-O-Dee” from Ferriday Fireball on Charly — Sun Records 1959 (?). Originally unissued.

Charlie Rich “Rebound” from n/a on Phillips International 45 — Phillips International 1958

The Sureshots “Don’t Treat Me This Way” from Sure Hot on Tail Records

Billy Match and the Starfires “I Want My Baby” from Various: The Florida Box on Be Sharp Records — Starday Records 1957

The Electras “High Voltage” from Various: Early Rockin’ Gold on Collector Records — Background/ambient

Maylon Humphries “Worried About You Baby” from Various: That’ll Flat Git It! Vol. 10 on Bear Family Records — Chess Records 1957 (originally unissued)

Macy Skipper “Quicksand Love” from n/a on Light 45 — Light Records 1958

B.B. Cunningham “Tantrum” from Various: Hot Rockin’ Music from Memphis on Stomper Time Records — Background/ambient

Kenny Loran “Top Man” from n/a on Capitol 45 — Capitol Records 1959

The Raiders “Hocus Pocus” from n/a on Andex 45 — Andex Records 1958

Eddie Clendening “That’s Alright” from Eddie Clendening Is The Rage of The Teen-Age! on Wormtone Records

Bob Luman “You Were the Cause of it All” from Bob Rocks on Bear Family Records — Originally unissued 1955 recording

John Burke “I.H. Boogie” from Various: Early Canadian Rockers, Vol 6 and 7 on Collector Records — Background/ambient

The Hell Divers “Take It Easy Ellie” from n/a (home recording)

Johnny Horton “I'm Coming Home” from Honky Tonk Man: The Essential Johnny Horton (1956-1960) on Columbia Legacy — Columbia Records 1957

Don Helms “Big News” from Various: Nashville Steel Guitar on Starday Records — Background/ambient

Rusty and Doug Kershaw “Hey Sheriff” from Louisiana Men on Ace Records — Hickory Records 1958

The Dave and Deke Combo “I'm Gonna Tell” from There's Nothing Like an Old Hillbilly on Bucket-Lid Records —

Lefty Frizzell “You're Humbuggin' Me” from Lefty Frizzell: Life's Like Poetry on Bear Family Records — Columbia Records 1958

Red Prysock “Red Speaks” from The Best of Red Prysock on AVI — Background/ambient

Buddy and Claudia Griffin “I Got a Secret” from Various: Rock 'n' Roll Mamas, Vol. 2 on Popcorn Records — Chess Records 1955

Hank Ballard and The Midnighters “Rock and Roll Wedding” from Hank Ballard and the Midnighters: Dancin' and Twistin' on Ace Records — Federal Records 1955

Tiny Topsy and the Charms “Come on, Come on, Come On” from n/a on King 45 — King Records 1957

The Ernie Freeman Combo “Puddin'” from Raunchy on Black Tulip — Background/ambient

Sticks and Bricks “Kiss the Pretty Girl Twice” from n/a on Josie 45 — Josie Records 1958

Johnny Otis “Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!” from n/a on Dig 45 — Dig Records 1956

The Red Tops “Caravan” from n/a on Glodus Records ‎45 — Background/ambient

Wilbert Harrison “Broke” from n/a on DOC 45 — DOC Records 1962

Rudy Ray Moore “Step It Up and Go” from n/a on Federal 45 — Federal Records 1956

Larry Darnell “Ramblin' Man” from Various: Rhythm & Blues Goes Rock and Roll, Vol 2 on Past Perfect — Deluxe Records 1955(?)

Al Garis “That’s All” from n/a on Glodis 45 — Glodis Records 1961

Dave Hamilton and the Peppers “Donna’s Cha-Cha” from n/a — Background/ambient

The Hula Girls “Return of the Hawaiian Eye” from Jungle Beach Party on Atomic Recording Company

The Margraves “Primitive Beat” from Primitive Beat on Rhythm Bomb Records

The Carnations “Scorpion” from Various: Strictly Instrumental, Vol. 5 on Buffalo Bop — Tilt Records 1961

Hal Blaine & The Young Cougars “(Dance with The) Surfin' Band” from n/a on RCA 45 — RCA Records 1963

The G-Men “Raunchy Twist” from n/a on Groove Records 45 — Background/ambient

Eddie Walker and the Demons “Twistin’ Your Life Away” from n/a on Keet 45 — Keet Records 1963

George Darro “Southern Twist” from Various: Desperate Rock and Roll, Vol. 1 on Flame Records — Nationwide Records 1962

Angie and the Citations “I Wanna Dance” from Rockin' with Unknown Greats on Collector Records — Angela Records 1964

The Torquays “Escondido” from Various: Garpax Surf 'n' Drag on Ace Records — Background/ambient

Rocket J “Rocket Baby” from Rocket Baby on Squirrel-Tone 45

Bob and Lucille “What’s the Password” from n/a on Ditto Records 45 — Ditto Records 1959

The Collins Kids “Mercy” from The Rockinest on Bear Family — Columbia Records 1958

The Atlantics “Monkey Tree” from Various: Early Rockin’ Gold on Collector Records — Background/ambient

Larry O’Keefe “Rolling Stone” from Various: The Texas Box on Be Sharp Records — Pat-O-Rite Records 1959

Scotty Baker (with Darrel Higham “Girl I Need” from Lady Killer on El Toro Records —

Johnny Knight “Rock and Roll Guitar” from Various: Rock 'n' Roll Riot on Buffalo Bop — Morocco Records 1958

Gene Vincent “Hold Me, Hug Me, Rock Me” from Gene Vincent: The Road Is Rocky on Bear Family — Capitol Records 1957

The Fugitives “On Trial” from Various: The Michigan Box on Be Sharp Records — D-Town Records 1965

Wes Dakus the Club 93 Rebels “Creepy” from Various: Early Canadian Rockers, Vol 6 and 7 on Collector Records

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