Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Easy Ed’s Variety Hour This Friday (2/26)

Comin’ your way: Another episode of “Easy Ed’s Variety Hour”—two hours of Rockabilly, Hillbilly, R&B, and Rock and Roll! I’ve got lots of great stuff lined up to play for you, but do send in your requests and I’ll do my best to play them!

What: “Easy Ed’s Variety Hour” (two hours)

When: February 26 at 7:00 PM Eastern

Where: 91.5 FM (WMFO), or, or iTunes (Radio/College/WMFO)

Archived shows are available at and also through iTunes (as a podcast).


March 3: I will be the guest DJ at River Gods in Cambridge for Primitive Sounds night. Thanks to Jason Beek, P.J. Eastman, and the folks at River Gods for the invitation. Please stop by! The music starts at 9:00 PM.

River Gods
125 River Street
Cambridge, MA 02139-3806


DJ Easy Ed

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tonight's Episode of Easy Ed's Variety Hour

Hi, folks.

Here's what I played tonight. If you tuned in, thanks for listening. If you missed the show and would like to hear it, the archive MP3 will be available for download from later this weekend.


Jack Baymoore and the Bandits “Rock 'n' Roll Mister Moon” from Diggin' Out on Tail Records — Tail Records 1993/

Phil Trigwell & the Deputies “Baby Love Me” from It Wasn't The Moonlight on Tessy Records —

The Caravans “Lonesome Me” from Various: The James Deans of The Dole Queue on ABCD —

The Sparkletones “Penny Loafers and Bobby Socks” from Joe Bennett and the Sparkletones: Black Slacks on Globe Records — ABC Paramount 1957

Curley Money “Chain Gang Charlie” from Various: That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 14 on Bear Family Records

John Lewis Trio “Don't Blame it On Me” from Various: Rockabilly Heaven Downunder on Press-Tone Music —

The Pharos “Rhythm Surfer” from Various: Wild Surf on Del-Fi — Background/ambient

Buddy Dughi “Head Hunter” from Buddy Dughi Plays Hot Rod Surf on Golly Gee Records — Background/ambient

The Everly Brothers “Lucille” from It's Everly Time/A Date with The Everly Brothers on Warner Brothers — Warner Brothers 1960

Jackie Cannon “Chill Bumps” from Various: That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 10 on Bear Family Records — Chess Records 1961

Warren Smith “I Like Your Kind of Love” from Uranium Rock on Bear Family Records — Sun Records 1959 (originally unissued)

Jerry Reed “When I Found You” from Various: That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 3 on Bear Family Records — Capitol Records 1956

Lester Peabody “Border Serenade” from Focus on Guitars on Goofin' Records — Background/ambient

Jim Wheeler “Hughes Ramble” from Hot Rockin' Instrumentals, Vol. 2 on Collector Records — Background/ambient

Lanie Walker “Why Baby Why” from Various: Rockin' Hillbilly, Vol. 3 on Cactus Records

The York Brothers “Lookin' for Somebody New” from The York Brothers' Best, Vol. 1 on Collector Records

Wynn Stewart “Take it or Leave It” from The Songs of Wynn Stewart on Capitol Records — Capitol 1965

Jean Shepard “Many Happy Hangovers” from Many Happy Hangovers on Capitol Records — Capitol 1966

Big Sandy and The Fly-Rite Boys “Have You Ever Had the Feelin'” from Feelin' Kinda Lucky on Hightone Records — Hightone Records 1997/

Tex Williams and His Western Caravan “On the Double” from Tex Williams and His Western Caravan on Capitol Records — Capitol Records 1949

The Spurs “Alcohol of Fame” from Go Boy Go on Spinout Records — See them 2/14 at the Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain (with DJ Easy Ed).

Joe Maphis “Big Rig Guitar” from Various: Dave Duddley Greatest Hits on Starday Records — Background/ambient

The York Brothers “Lakewood and John Marshall Blues” from The York Brothers' Best, Vol. 1 on Collector Records — Background/ambient

Chuck Willis “What ‘cha Gonna Do” from The King of the Stroll on Rhino Atlantic — For Jorge (Great request, Jorge!)

Eddie Clearwater “Hey Bernadine” from Various: Badass Rockers on Blues Town Records — Federal Records 1962

Joe Liggins and The Honeydrippers “In The Wee Wee Hours” from Various: Heart Attack! on Panic Records

Annisteen Allen “Bongo Boogie” from Various: The R&B Years 1953 on Boulevard Vintage — King Records 1951

B.B. King “Bad Case of Love” from Various: A Rock 'n' Roll Dance Party on Ace Records — Crown Records 1961

Joe Houston “Dig It” from Joe Houston Blows Crazy on Ace Records — Background/ambient

Bo Diddley “Sixteen Tons” from Bo Diddley Is a Gun Slinger on Chess Records — Chess Records 1961

Titus Turner “Hold Your Lovin'” from Various: R&B Humdingers, Vol. 1 on Yama Records — King Records 1957

Esquerita “Dew Drop Inn” from Vintage Voola on Norton Records — Crosstone Records 1967

Eddy Bell “Knock Knock Knock” from Various: Record Hop Madness, Vol. 2 on RHM — Mercury Records 1961

Les Cooper “Rockin' with The Shimming” from Wiggle Wobble on Collectables — Background/ambient

Les Cooper “Jungle Pony” from Wiggle Wobble on Collectables — Background/ambient

Nick Curran and the Lowlifes “Psycho” from Reform School Girl on Eclecto Groove Records —

Hipbone Slim and the Knee-Tremblers “Diddley Squat” from The Sheik Said Shake on Voodoo Rhythm —

Harmonica Sam With the Domestic Bumblebees “Rocker No. 1” from Rocker No. 1 on Enviken Records —

The Wild Wax Combo “Hot Rod Racer” from Rumble in The Jungle on Enviken Records —

Sandy Nelson “Drum Dance/Land of A Thousand Dances” from Drum Discotheque on Imperial Records — Background/ambient

Jack Huddle “Starlight” from Various: West Texas Bop on Ace Records — Kapp Records 1958

High Noon “Ain't It Wrong” from Glory Bound on Goofin' Records —

Curtis Gordon “Draggin'” from Various: That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 11 on Bear Family Records — Mercury Records 1956

Jack Holt “Moonshine Still” from Various: Rhythm & Booze on Buffalo Bop

Dave Phillips “I’m Gonna Die” from The Best of Dave Phillips on Rockhouse Records —

Eddie and The Backfires “Let’s Rock Tonight” from Cat Killer on Rhythm Bomb Records —

Eddie Clendening “I Love a Woman” from Eddie Clendening Is the Rage of the Teenage! on Wormtone Records —

The Darts “Shop Talk” from Various: Del-Fi Hotrodders on Collector's Choice Music — Background/ambient

The Racketeers “What You Do to Me” from Another Round with The Racketeers on Scollay Square Music —

The Reveliers “Patch” from Various: Hot Rockin' Instrumentals on Collector Records — Background/ambient

Gene Vincent “Right Now” from Various: Rock and Roll Dance Party, Vol. 4 on RRDP — Capitol Records 1959

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Show Time + Happy Valenspurs Day

Easy Ed’s Variety Hour will take to the airwaves and ‘netwaves once again this Friday with two commercial-free hours of Rockabilly, Hillbilly, and 50s/early 60s R&B and Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Please note our new show time on the WMFO calendar: 7:00 to 9:00 PM.

What: “Easy Ed’s Variety Hour” (two hours)

When: February 12 at 7:00 PM Eastern

Where: 91.5 FM (WMFO), or, or iTunes (Radio/College/WMFO)

Archived shows are available at and also through iTunes (as a podcast):


February 14 (the Sunday before Presidents’ Day): Bring your valentine out to the Midway CafĂ© in Jamaica Plain for an eye-poppingly rare performance by Boston’s kings of Western Swing and Honky Tonk, The Spurs! I will be spinning dance-friendly country and rockabilly throughout the night. (See the above cool flier, designed by the amazing Mrs. Sludge!)

This is an early-start show: I’ll start spinning at 8:45 and The Spurs will take the stage shortly thereafter.


DJ Easy Ed

PS. Below is a list of what I played on the 1/29/2010 show. An archive MP3 of this show can be found at

Carl Perkins “Everybody's Tryin' to Be My Baby” from Original Sun Greatest Hits CD ALBUM (Rhino Records) — Sun Records 1956

Travis Wammack “I'm Leavin' Today” from Various: Fernwood Rockabillies (Stomper Time Records) — Fernwood Records 1957

Dick Bills “Rockin' and A Rollin'” from Various: The Best of Crest Records (Yellow Label/SPV) — Crest Records 1961

Jack Scott “Leroy” from Baby She's Gone CD COMP (Castle Music) — Carlton Records 1958

The Belvederes “He's a Square” from Various: Rockabilly Rarities, Vol. 4 (Yeaah!) — Lucky Four Records 1961

Benn Joe Zeppa “Doctor Doctor” from Various: Bay Area Rockers (Ace Records) — Hush Records 1958

Bill Black's Combo “Torquay” from Movin' (Hi Records LP) — Background/ambient

Alton Joseph and The Jokers “The Other Place” from Various: Strictly Instrumental, Vol. 5 (Buffalo Bop Records) — Background/ambient

The Vargas Brothers “Cutting Class” from Rockin' Blues (Wild Records) —

The Hi-Qs “Connie Lou” from Various: Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend #9 (VLVCD) —

The Sureshots “Glad All Over” from Rock 'n' Roll Ball (Empire Records) —

The Planet Rockers “One's All the Law Will Allow” from 100% Tennessee Rock & Roll CD ALBUM (No Hit Records)

Chuck Berry “Berry Pickin'” from Various: The Hot Guitar (The Viper Label) — Background/ambient

Roy Lanham and The Whippoorwills “Section Eight” from Hard Life Blues CD COMP (Soundies) — Background/ambient

Carl Sonny Leyland “Wine, Women, and Song” from I'm Wise CD ALBUM (Hightone Records) —

Jim Hall “Swami Mooh Lah” from Various: Slew Foot Boppin' Billies (Collector Records)

Webb Pierce “Any Old Time” from Webb Pierce: The Wondering Boy CD ALBUM (Bear Family Records) — Decca Records 1956

Danny Ross “You Finally Walked Out” from Various: The Complete D Singles, Vol. 2 (Bear Family Records) — D Records 1959

Spade Cooley and His Band (featuring Jimmy Wyble on lead guitar) “Boggs Boogie” from Various: Hillbilly Fever, Vol. 1 (Rhino Records) — Victor Records 1947

Chuck Miller “Hopahoola Boogie” from Various: Hillbilly Boogie Essentials (Master Classics Records)

Carl Smith “Night Train to Memphis” from Satisfaction Guaranteed CD COMP (Bear Family Records) — Columbia Records 1958

Jimmy Bryant and Speedy West “Hillcrest” from Jimmy Bryant and Speedy West: Flamin' Guitars (Bear Family Records) — Background/ambient

Noble "Thin Man" Watts “Walkin' The Floor Over You” from Baton 45 — Background/ambient

Hipbone Slim and the Knee-Tremblers “Brand New Head” from The Sheik Said Shake (Voodoo Rhythm) —

Bo Diddley “Bo ^Diddley” from Bo Diddley: The Chess Box CD ALBUM (MCA Records) — Chess Records 1959

Link Wray “Jack the Ripper” from The Original Rumble (Ace Records) — Swan Records 1963

The Royal Teens “Alright Baby” from Various: Greasy Rock 'n' Roll, Vol. 12 (Blakey Holdings)

Buddy Howard “Take Your Hands off Me Baby” from Various: Rock It, Vol. 1 (Enviken Records) — Mida Records 1962

Jerry Lee Lewis “High School Confidential” from Live At The Star Club-Hamburg CD ALBUM (Bear Family Records)

Jack Nitzsche “Baja” from The Lonely Surfer (Collecor's Choice Music) — Background/ambient

The Ernie Fields Orchestra “The Honey Dripper” from In the Mood (Collectables) — Background/ambient

Fats Domino “Be My Guest” SINGLE — For Rob

Ray Snead “Fade Away” from Various: Rhythm & Blues Goes Rock and Roll, Vol 1 (Past Perfect) — Mercury Records 1951

Little Esther and Mel “Ring-A-Ding Doo” from Various: The R&B Years 1952 (Boulevard Vintage) — Federal Records 1952

Little Willie John “Heartbreak (It's Hurtin' Me)” from Fever: The Best of Little Willie John CD COMP (Fever: The Best of Little Willie John)

Hank Ballard and The Midnighters “The Switch-A-Roo” from Nothing But Good (Bear Family Records) — King Records 1961

Ann Cole “I've Got Nothing Working Now” from Various: Dance Floor Winners (Golden Beaver Records) — Baton Records 1957

The Nite Riders “Looking for My Baby” from Various: Rhythm & Blues Goes Rock and Roll, Vol 2 (Past Perfect) — Sue Records 1959

Tic & Toc “Jibba Jab” from Various: Record Hop Madness, Vol. 2 (RHM)

Jimmy Cavallo & His House Rockers “Foot Stompin'” from Various: Rare Rock 'n' Roll Rampage (Proper Records) — Background/ambient

Big Al Sears “Goin' Uptown” from Sear-iously (Bear Family Records) — Background/ambient

George Ritchie “But in a Million Years” from Various: Automatic Bop, Vol. 3 (Collector Records) — Smart Records 1959

Gene Vincent “Jumps, Giggles, and Shouts” from Gene Vincent: The Road Is Rocky (Bear Family Records) — Capitol Records 1957

The Swinedells “Greasy Kid Stuff” from Unreleased single from their forthcoming album (N/A) —

Donnie Nix “Ain't About to Go Home” from Various: Desperate Rock 'n' Roll, Vol. 1 (Flame Records) — Wilrod Records 1964

Jim Gunner “Footloose” from Various: Greasy Rock 'n' Roll, Vols. 1 and 2 (Blakey Holdings) — Background/ambient

Brian Howard “The Worryin' Kind” from Various: I Walk the Lonely Night SINGLE (Psychic Circle)

The Four of Us “The Alligator” from Various: Teenage Shutdown, Vol. 1 SINGLE (Teenage Shutdown)

The Tornadoes “Bumble Bee Stomp” from Bustin' Surfboards SINGLE (Sundazed) — Background/ambient

Weldon Rogers “So Long, Good Luck, Goodbye” from Various: West Texas Bop (Ace Records) — Imperial Records 1957/For Karl