Sunday, August 27, 2017

Easy Ed's Variety Hour (August 25, 2017 Show) and Lots More!

Hi, folks!

First off, if you missed last Friday's show you can find the always-free archive MP3 right here, along with several years' worth of back episodes. I hope you enjoy it. If you do, let me know by hitting that Send Message button on our Facebook page. Thanks! 

The songs from this show are listed at the bottom of this blog post. 

We paid tribute to Sun Records great Sonny Burgess, who died on August 18, and talked about the upcoming New England Shake-Up Festival (great lineup!), as well as our expanded Primitive Sounds DJ night schedule. Read on details.

I feel fortunate to have seen Sonny Burgess perform several times--most recently at the Nashville Boogie this past June--and he never failed to put on a great show. I DJ'd a show he did in Boston a few years ago and another at the Red Hot and Blue Festival. He always seemed to have fun on stage, and had a positive attitude about playing live and show business in general. 

Sonny Burgess and the Pacers, Circa 1956

This past Saturday I purchased a lot of 45s from a junk store, and buried in one of the boxes was a clean copy of "We Wanna Boogie." Other clues in the boxes indicate that this was a '50s/'60s-era collection from a local resident. I've read that "Red Headed Woman" (the flip of "We Wanna Boogie") was popular in Boston when it first came out in 1956. 

Junk-Store Score. These Double 45 Boxes are Getting Hard to Find.

The Box Itself Ain't Much, But the Records Were Desirable and Very Clean.
Couldn't Find Much Info Online About This Long-Gone Shop Once Located Near Medford City Hall.

The New England Shake-Up (September 22-24 in Sturbridge, MA) is crazy-fun rockabilly party featuring excellent bands from around the world, a hot rod show, dance lessons, and all-night record hops. Year five's band lineup features Sweden's Go GettersThe Barnshakers (Finland), Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys, The Lucky Stars, Furious, Rockin' Lloyd Tripp, The Starjays, Lil' Mo and The Unholy 4, The 24th Street Wailers, and lots, lots more. Easy Ed's Record Hop is very happy to be on the bill for the fifth time.

The Wednesday night before the Shake-Up we're doing a 4-DJ rockabilly event at Brass Union--a special edition of our regular rockin' Primitive Sounds night at that venue (8:00 PM start/no cover). Excited to be spinning with DJs James, El Dedo, and Skeets! (Poster design by Mrs. Sludge.)

Due to popular demand, starting in September Primitive Sounds will be at Brass Union every Wednesday evening. Our full September schedule:

9/6: Eric Penna spins with Easy Ed

9/13: Stacy Thornton spins with Forrest P.

9/20: Primitive Sounds Rockabilly Party (4 DJs):

James (Los Angeles)
El Dedo (Phoenix)
Skeets (Montreal)
Easy Ed (Boston)

9/22: Special Primitive Sounds Friday (Soul/Dance Party): Jason Thornton spins with Forrest P.

9/27: PJ Eastman spins with Easy Ed

November 18: Deke Dickerson is coming our way! Catch him at the Rockwell in Somerville, with Jittery Jack and Easy Ed's Record Hop! Advance tickets recommended for this one. See the event link for details(Poster design by Mrs. Sludge.)

Here's what we played on last night's show (August 25, 2017):

Joe Melson “Oh Yeah” from n/a on Hickory 45 — Hickory Records 1960

Elvis Presley “A Big Hunk O' Love” from n/a on RCA 45 — RCA Records 1959

Don Cole “Beulah Mae” from Various: The Porter Record Story on Bear Family Records — Originally unissued

Bob Luman “Try Me” from Various: That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 3 on Bear Family Records — Capitol Records 1958

Jittery Jack “Gonna Have a Time” from Gonna Have a Time on Annabelle Records

The Epitones “The Mighty Rumble” from Various: Frantic Early Rock Instrumentals on Collector Records — Background/ambient

Sonny Burgess “A Kiss Goodnight” from Hittin' That Jug! The Best Of Sonny Burgess on Self-Released — Rest in Peace, Sonny Burgess.

Bonnie Fusell “Too High Class” from Various: Boppin' on the Bayou on Ace Records — Hammond Records 1959

Deke Dickerson & The Ecco-Fonics “Sparkin'” from Number One Hit Record! on Hightone Records — See him 11/18 at the Rockwell with Jittery Jack and Easy Ed's Record Hop!

Rusty Isabell “Jaybi” from Various: The Porter Record Story on Bear Family Records — Background/ambient

The Orbits “Queen Bee” from Various: Ultra Rare Rockin' & Boppin', Vol. 4 on Chief Records — Space Records 1959

Lil' Mo's Unholy 4 “Lonesome Feeling” from Rapture on Rhythm Bomb Records —  See them at the New England Shake-Up, Sept. 22-24 in Sturbridge, MA 

The Collins Kids “Just Because” from The Rockinest on Bear Family Records — Columbia Records 1957

The Joel Patterson Trio “Walkin’ The Strings” from Steel Is Real on Ventrella Records — Background/ambient

Skeets McDonald “Cheek to Cheek with the Blues” from Heart Breakin' Mama on Bear Family Records — Columbia Records 1960

Lattie Moore “Why Did You Lie to Me” from I'm Not Broke But I'm Badly Bent on West Side Records — Starday Records 1958

Joe Maphis “Guitar Rock and Roll” from Joe Maphis: Flying Fingers on Bear Family — Columbia Records 1956

Susquehana Industrial Tool & Die Co. “Bearskin Boogie” from n/a on N/A —

Jerry Byrd “Byrd's Boogie” from Byrd’s Expedition on RWA — Background/ambient

Billy Vaughn “Guitar Boogie” from Greatest Boogie Woogie Hits on Dot Records — Background/ambient

Dennis Binder “Early Times” from Ike Turner and His Kings of Rhythm: Early Times on Rev-Ola — Modern Records 1954

Big Joe Turner “Morning, Noon, and Night” from n/a on Atlantic 45 — Atlantic Records 1956

Dolly Cooper “Ay La Bah” from n/a on Modern 45 — Modern Records 1955

Roy Perkins “Bye Bye Baby” from n/a on Meladee 45 — Meladee Records 1955

Willie Restum “What'd He Say” from Various: Hey DJ! Play Some R&B Jivers!, Vol. 1 on Helllo Dare!l Records — Background/ambient

Jimmy Liggins & His Drops of Joy “That's What's Knockin' Me Out” from Various: The R&B Years 1952 on Boulevard Vintage — Specialty Records 1951

Willie Joe and His Unitar
 “Unitar Rock” from n/a on Specialty 45 — Specialty Records 1956

Larry Williams “Give Me Love” from Here’s Larry Williams on Yeah Mama Records — Specialty Records 1959

Don and Dewy “Bim Bam” from Bim Bam on Specialty 45 — Specialty Records 1959

The Egyptians “Party Stomp” from Norton Records 45 on Norton — Background/ambient

Thunder Lee “Too Late for Tears” from Various: Most Wild & Frantic, Vol. 3 on Official Records — Groove Records 1963

The Fabulous Gardenias 
“What’s the Matter with Me” from n/a on Fairlane Records 45 — Fairlane Records 1961

Roy Hamilton “Tore up over You” from n/a on RCA Victor 45 — RCA Victor 1965

Joe Louis Johnson and the Coanjos
 “Dance the Boomerang” from Various: Transparent Rock Shake Rhythm on Still Records — Dapt Records 1961

Les Cooper “Jungle Pony” from Wiggle Wobble on Collectables — Background/ambient

Wes Dakus “Cavalier Twist” from Various: Early Canadian Rockers, Vol 6 and 7 on Collector Records — Background/ambient

Vince Everett “Don't Go” from n/a on ABC Paramount 45 — ABC Paramount 1962

Dale Hawkins “My Babe” from Rock 'n' Roll Tornado on Ace Records — Checker Records 1958

Lance Roberts “Gonna Have Myself a Ball” from n/a on Decca 45 — Decca Records 1959

The Shardells “Black Crack” from Various: Twistin’ Rumble, Vol. 4 on Twistin' Rumble — Background/ambient

The Mosriters “Turmoil” from n/a on Norala 45 — Norala Records 1965

Frantic Freddie and the Pro-Teens “Charmaine” from Various: The Texas Box on Bee Sharp Records — White Rock Label

The Trendells “Don't You Hear Me Calling Baby” from Various: East Coast Teen Party, Vol. 9 on East Coast Music — Tilt Records 1961

The Ventures “Poison Ivy” from Twistin’ 62 on Jasmine Records — Background/ambient

Scotty Baker “One and Only One” from Lady Killer on El Toro Records

Galen Denny “What Ya Gonna Do About It” from Various: Liberty Rock 'n' Roll on Liberty Records — Liberty Records 1958

Ritchie Valens “Come on, Let's Go” from n/a on Del-Fi 45 — Del-Fi Records 1958

The Passengers “Sand In Your Eye” from n/a on Muse 45 — Background/ambient

T.J. Mayes “Leaving Soon” from Dig It Up! on Wild Records

Sonny Burgess “We Wanna Boogie” from The Sun Days: The Best of Sonny Burgess and The Pacers on Self-Released — Sun Records 1956

Jimmy Logsdon “Rocket in my Pocket” from Various: That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 24 on Bear Family — Roulette Records 1958

The Royal Rockers “Jet II” from n/a on Bee Records 45 — Bee Records 1959

Darrel Higham “Ring Dang Doo” from Ghost of Love on Hunka Burnin'

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Our August 11 Broadcast (And Lots of News)

Hi, folks.

I hope you are all doing well. We're back from vacation and just broadcast a new show on Friday, August 11--the podcast version of which is now available for free download right here. The list of songs played this time out appears at the end of this post. Enjoy! 

On this show we featured several selections from Holland's Collector Records label. Over the course of 40+ years they have issued tons of LP and CD reissue comps featuring lesser known rockin' stuff. We salute you, Collector Records!

We played several King Records 45s (rockabilly and R&B stuff), including this cool one by Milty and Nat that I found at a recent record show. I've been digging around in the music I love and play on the show since I was a young teenager and I still find great songs I've never heard before. I love that!

Australia's Scotty Baker sent over his new release on the El Toro label called Lady Killer and we played a great track called "Girl I Need," recorded with Darrel Higham

We also played songs by Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys and The Go-Getters, both of whom will be performing at the New England Shake-Up (with lots of other fine bands) September 22-24 in Sturbridge, MA. This fine event also features fantastic DJs from around the globe. Easy Ed's Record Hop will be spinning again this year.

In September our Primitive Sounds DJ night at Brass Union in Somerville is adding a fourth night to the monthly schedule. Things are really cookin' for us over there! We also have some very special one-time DJ events coming up at Brass Union next month. More on that soon!

Finally, I want to thank Boston Groupie News for their detailed review of our July 22 show at the Midway (Cranktones, Barley Hoppers, Roy Sludge, Fearless Leaders, Easy Ed's Record Hop). BGN, you guys are great--many thanks!

Maybe I'll see you next Friday at the Los Straitjackets show at the Sinclair (with Roy Sludge and Marahall Crenshaw).

Here's what we played on last Friday's show:

The Sundowners “Snake Eyed Mama” from Various: Long Gone Daddies on Ace Records — Sun-Rise Records 1962

The Bell Notes “Real Wild Child” from n/a on Madison Records 45 — Madison Records 1960

The Mee Kats “Rag Top Baby” from Skip Records 45 on Skip Records 45

Jerry Raines “Hello Sweetie Pie” from Various: Early Rockin’ Gold, Vol. 5 on Collector Records — Black Gold (date?)

Hugh Dixon “All Gone” from Various: Early Canadian Rockers, Vol 6 and 7 on Collector Records — Background/ambient

Luke McDaniel “Go Ahead Baby” from Various: That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 16 on Bear Family — Sun Records 1957

Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys “Hold Tight Mama” from Fly Right With Big Sandy and The Fly-Rite Trio on Dionysus Records —See them at the New England Shake-Up 

The Go-Getters “Loud Pipes & Lead Feet” from Various: Rock & Roll Is Everywhere! on Goofin' Records — See them at the New England Shake-Up

B.B. Cunningham “Tantrum” from Various: Hot Rockin' Music from Memphis on Stomper Time Records — Background/ambient

Van Walker “The Crawl” from Various: 41 Years of Collector Records on Collector Records — Who knows?

Kieron McDonald “A Little Love” from Shake That Thing on Tagalong Records

Charlie Gaston “I Dreamt Last Night” from Rockin’ with Unknown Greats on Collector Records — No one strolls like Gaston.

The Bill Tanner Quartet “Plymouth Rock” from Various: Frantic Early Rock Instrumentals on Collector Records — Background/ambient

The Key Brothers “Party at Lulu’s” from n/a on Gardena 45 — Gardena

The Royal Jacks “I'm In Love Again” from Various: Teenage Rockabilly on Rock-A-Billy Records — 20th Century Fox 1958

Joe Bennett and The Sparkletones “Penny Loafers and Bobby Socks” from n/a on ABC Paramount 45 — ABC Paramount 1957

The Invaders “Jumpin’ Jivin’ Chord Progression” from Various: Let’s Go Instro on Collector Records — Background/ambient

Moon Mullican “Seven Nights to Rock” from Seven Nights To Rock on King repress — King Records 1956

Boyd Bennett & His Rockers “Cool Disc Jockey” from Various: Jiving Jamboree on Ace Records — King Records 1959

Charlie Feathers “Nobody's Woman” from Wild Wild Party on Southern Records — King Records 1957

The Ernie Freeman Combo “The Tuttle” from Raunchy on Black Tulip — Background/ambient

Terry Timmons “He’s the Best in the Business” from Various: Voodoo Voodoo on Fantastic Voyage — RCA Victor 1953

Little Esther “Hollerin' And Screamin'” from Various: Jiving Jamboree 3 on Ace Records — Federal Records 1953

Milty and Nat “Baby I’m Coming Home to You” from n/a on King 45 — King Records 1958

Annisteen Allen “Bongo Boogie” from Fujiyama Mama on Rev-Ola — King Records 1951

Joe Houston “Goofin'” from Rock and Roll with Joe Houston on Tops — Background/ambient

Joe Johnson “Cool Love” from Various: R&B Humdingers, Vol. 12 on Vee-Tone Records / IODA — Cascade Records 1959

Rosco Gordon “The Dilly Bop” from n/a on N/A — Duke Records 1960

Jimmy McCracklin “The Wobble” from The Walk: Jimmy McCracklin at His Best on Razor & Tie — Mercury Records 1959

The Impellas “Hook-em” from Dr. Boogie Presents Heavy Jelly on sub rosa — Background/ambient

Little Luther “The Twirl” from Various: Rhythm & Blues Goes Rock and Roll, Vol 2. on Past Perfect — Checker Records 1964

J.D. McPherson “Wolf Teeth” from Signs & Signifiers on Hi-Style Records

Marvin and Johnny “Ain’t That Right” from Various: Ace Records 30th Anniversary on Ace Records — Modern Records 1958

Gary U.S. Bonds “I Wanna Holler” from n/a on LeGrand 45 — LeGrand Records 1987. See him in October at the Ponderosa Stomp!

Hal Blaine & The Young Cougars “Hawaii 1963” from Deuces, "T's," Roadsters & Drums on Master Classics Records — Background/ambient

The Pharos “Pintor” from Various: Wild Surf on Del-Fi — Background/ambient

Los Straitjackets “Surf Rider” from Various: Delphonic Sounds Today on Del-Fi Records —  See them August 18 at the Sinclair in Cambridge--with Marshall Crenshaw and Roy Sludge!

The Four Teens “Spark Plug” from Various: Wild Men Ride Wild Guitars on Sundazed — Challenge Records 1958

The Blue Echoes “Cool Guitar” from Various: The Michigan Box on Be Sharp Records — Bon Musique Records 1959

Turner Moore with Charlie Moore and the Crystals “I'll Be Leavin' You” from 32 Original Historic Rockabilly Classics Vol. 1 on Lost Gold Records — Mel-O-Tone Records

The Nightcaps “Sassy Frug” from The Frug on Forum Records — Background/ambient

Ricky Nelson “Gypsy Woman” from n/a on Decca 45 — Decca Records 1963

Simon Scott “Move It Baby” from n/a on Imperial Records 45 — Imperial Records 1964

Tiny Fuller “Cocklebur” from Various: Strictly Instrumental, Vol. 9 on Buffalo Bop — Background/ambient

Scotty Baker “Girl I Need” from Lady Killer on El Toro Records. With the great Darrel Higham

The Nite Rockers “Little Mama” from Various: Rumble Rock on Buffalo Bop — Originally unissued

Warren Miller “Everybody’s Got a Baby But Me” from Various: Virginia Rocks! The History of Rockabilly in the Commonwealth on JSP Records — United Artists 1958

Jerry Lee Lewis “High School Confidential” from Live At The Star Club-Hamburg on Bear Family Records — 1964

The Five Chavis Brothers “Baby Don't Leave Me” from Various: That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 2 on Bear Family Records — Coral Records 1961

Aleong and the Nobles “Hiawatha” from Various: Let’s Go Instro on Collector Records — Background/ambient

Scotty McKay “Bad Times” from Various: Rockabilly And Rockers on Collector Records — Originally unissued

Link Wray & the Wraymen “Slinky (Alternate Take)” from Slinky! The Epic Sessions, '58-'61 on Sundazed