Saturday, January 23, 2016

The January 22 Episode

Hi, Friends.

Just a quick note this time. I hope you all have a great weekend. If snow will be part of it--as I know it will for many of my fellow East Coasters--I wish you luck and suggest you cue up some Little Richard on your headphones (or just in your head) as you go out to shovel. You'll finish in record time! (Take it from me.)

Thanks to Poison Ivy's fast work, the podcast of last night's show is already available here if you want to listen to it right now. It will also be available on iTunes and my web site shortly. 


Here are the songs from last night's show (January 22).

Sonny Burgess “Truckin' Down The Avenue” from The Complete Sun Recordings, Vol. 1 on Sun Records — Sun Records 1956 (originally unissued)

Johnny Powers “Waitin’ for You” from Johnny Powers: Long Blond Hair on Roller Coaster Records — Sun Records (late ‘50s) (originally unissued)

Alton and Jimmy “No More Crying the Blues” from Various: Rock Boppin' Baby: Sun Rockabilly, Vol. 3 on AVI — Note: Alternate, unreleased take recorded at Sun Records in 1959

Billy Lee Riley “Red Hot” from Red Hot! The Best of Billy Lee Riley on AVI — Sun Records 1957

Bill Justis “Parariddle” from The Complete Sun Recordings on Sun Records — Background/ambient

Jittery Jack “See You Friday” from Gonna Have a Time with Jittery Jack on Annabelle Records — Check out the tour dates for Jittery Jack and Miss Amy—they’re heading out across the U.S. and will be kicking off the tour with a hometown show on 2/26 at O’Brien’s in Allston! 

Ronnie Pearson “I Dig That Gal the Most” from Various: Rockin' from Coast to Coast, Vol. 2 on Ace Records — Herald Records 1958

Bobby Brant and The Rhythm Rockers “Piano Nellie” from Various: That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 21 on Bear Family Records — White Rock Records 1958

The Don Gils “Guitar Rock” from Various: Rock 'n' Roll with Piano, Vol. 18 on Collector Records — Background/ambient

Lil' Mo's Unholy 4 “My Search” from The Big Payoff! on Rhythm Bomb Records 

Tony Casanova “Showdown” from Various: Sin Alley, Part One on Crypt Records — Dore Records 1959

The Playboys “She Sure Can Rock Me” from Easy Rockin' on Vinyl Japan — Vinyl Japan 1997 

Bob Jones and the Bob Cats “Tennessee Twister” from Various: Rockabilly Wildcats on Rock-A-Billy Records — Background/ambient

The Morgan Twins “Let's Get Going” from Various: Rock and Roll Dance Party, Vol. 2 on RRDP — RCA Victor 1958

Sanford Clark “Modern Romance” from Various: 20 Rockabilly Classics on MCA — Dot Records 1958

Marti Brom and Her Barnshakers “Eat My Words” from Snake Ranch on Goofin' Records 

Ella Mae Morse “Seventeen” from Various: Rockin' Boppin' Girls, Vol. 2 on Titanic Records — Capitol Records 1955

Rusty York “One, One, One, Wonderful” from Rusty Rocks on Bear Family Records — Background/ambient

The Barley Hoppers “Juke Joint Johnny” from The Barley Hoppers (Self-Released)

Don Gibson “Oh Lonesome Me” from Don Gibson: The Songwriter, 1949-1960 on Bear Family — RCA Records 1958

Charlie Thompson “The Automobile Song” from The Foothill Sessions on Fairlane Records

The Lucky Stars “Stay out Late” from Stay Out Late with The Lucky Stars on Fate Records — Background/ambient

Arnold Parker and The Southernaires “Find a New Woman” from Various: Starday Dixie Rockabilly, Vol. 1 on Ace Records — Starday Records 1956

Charlie Feathers “One Hand Loose” from Various: King-Federal Rockabillies on King — King Records 1956

Wally and Don “Never No More” from Various: Sage and Sand, Vol. 1: Let's All Go Wild on Sage and Sand Records — Sage and Sand 1961

Cal Green and his Orchestra “The Big Push” from Various: Honky Tonk! The King & Federal R&B Instrumentals— Background/ambient

The Orioles “Don’t Stop” from The Best of The Orioles (LP Set) on Murray Hill Records — 1952 (originally unissued)

Vikki Nelson “Bright And Early” from Various: The Doo Wop Girl Sound on Goldenlane Records — Premium Records 1955

Floyd Dixon “Ooh Little Girl” from n/a on Ebb 45 (reissue) — Ebb Records 1957

The Du-Droppers “Boot 'em Up” from Boot 'Em Up on Acrobat Music — Groove Records 1954

Tommy Ridgley “Jam Up” from Various: The R&B Years 1954 on Boulevard Vintage — Background/ambient

The Tads “Wolf Call” from Wolf Call on Rev Records 45 — Rev Records 1958

Bobby Day “Teenage Philosopher” from Various: Rock and Roll Dance Party, Vol. 2 on RRDP — Rendezvous Records 1960

Tony Allan “Rockin' Shoes” from Various: Rhythm & Blues Goes Rock and Roll, Vol 2 on Past Perfect — Imperial Records 1959

Elliot Shavers “Lincoln Continental (Part II)” from n/a on IMCO 45 — Background/ambient

Bo Diddley “Give Me a Break” from n/a on Checker 45 (Reissue) — Checker Records 1962

Mel Smith and the Night Riders “Pretty Plaid Skirt (And Long Black Socks)” from Various: Desperate Rock and Roll, Vol. 1 on Flame Records — Sue Records 1959

James Brown “Tell Me What You're Gonna Do” from Tell Me What You're Gonna Do on King Records 45 — King Records 1964

Simon Scott “Move It Baby” from n/a on Imperial Records 45 — Imperial Records 1964

Jeuiene and the Jaybops “Arroongah” from Various: Strictly Instrumental, Vol. 4 on Buffalo Bop — Background/ambient

Chuck Rio and the Originals “Margarita” from Chuck Rio: The Tequila Man on Ace Records — Jackpot Records 1959

Paul Livert and the Lions “Chicken Twist” from Chicken Twist, Volume 2 on Metro Records — Background/ambient

The Retrobaits “Your Squeezes Don't Leave Me” (single)

Jimmy Lloyd “I Got a Rocket in My Pocket” from n/a on Roulette Records 45 — Roulette Records 1958

Jerry Lee Lewis “Let's Talk About Us” from Classic Jerry Lee Lewis on Bear Family Records — Sun Records 1959

Sandy Scott “Shake it Up” from n/a on Choice Records 45 — Choice Records 1958

Wildfire Willie and The Ramblers “The Chicken and the Hawk” from How’s That Grab Ya? on Wildcat Records — 

Ernie Freeman “Shape Up” from n/a on Imperial Records 45 — Background/ambient

Carl Perkins “Put Your Cat Clothes On” from Original Sun Greatest Hit on Rhino Records — Sun Records 1957 (originally unreleased)

Gary A. Edwards “Twistful Thinkin'” from Various: 100 Rockin' Instrumentals on Vintage Masters — Background/ambient

The Margraves “That Somethin’” from On the Warpath on Rhythm Bomb

Satan’s Pilgrims “Green Peppers” from Frankenstomp: Singles, Rarities & More 1993-2014 on SP Records — 

Monday, January 18, 2016

River Gods January 20/New Show January 22/The Retrobaits/Jittery Jack U.S. Tour

Easy Ed Spinning at Brass Union in Somerville, MA, January 13, 2016. (Photo courtesy Poison Ivy, Inc. All rights reserved.)

Hey folks!

I hope you are all faring well this month. If you're bugged by the winter blues we've got a few things coming up to boost your spirits (and put some groove in your Sacroiliac)! Read on!

Primitive Sounds January 20

In addition to the radio show, "Easy Ed's Variety Hour," I DJ around town and also promote musical events in the Boston area. The longest standing of my DJ gigs is "Primitive Sounds," which I cohost with P.J. Eastman at River Gods in Cambridge (125 River Street). Each time we invite a guest from the local music world to join us. This Wednesday (January 20) I'll be spinning the hot wax with James Reed, and we're thrilled to have him back as our guest in the DJ booth. A longtime Boston Globe music critic and all-around roots music aficionado, James always spins the sounds that astound. He and I will alternate sets throughout the night. River Gods is a fun and friendly room with excellent food and cocktails. The records spin from 8:00 PM to closing. You can learn more here!

New Show This Week

On Friday January 22 "Easy Ed's Variety Hour" will be back with two big hours of rockabilly, hillbilly, R&B, and rock 'n' roll! We roll from 6:00 to 8:00 PM Eastern, and you can listen live on WMFO 91.5 FM (streaming worldwide at Archived episodes are always promptly posted to so you can catch the show whenever you want! And, if you like what you hear on the show, please drop us a line at our Facebook page--we love to know who's listening. Thanks!

The Retrobaits

On my last two radio broadcasts I’ve played songs by an exciting English band called the Retrobaits—the original “Your Squeezes Don't Leave Me,” and an excellent cover of the Bob Doss Starday classic “Don't You Be Gone Long.” These tracks have a traditional rockabilly sound balanced with freshness and energy that really caught my ear. If I had the dough I’d bring these guys on over to Boston for a huge rockin’ show! For now, though, I was able to interview bass player Stuart Bates to learn more about the band.

The Retrobaits, from Daventry, are David Yates (guitar and lead vocals), Stuart Bates (upright bass and backing vocals), and Darren Webb (drums and backing vocals). These guys have lots of experience in other bands, but the Retrobaits formed just two years ago—and they’ve done a lot in that short time. Initially they got together informally to play a party and things took off from there. According to Stuart, they knew right away that this band was special: “We just played a few songs that we all knew, but there was something about it that made us think…we have something really great here! There was just a fab vibe and a kind of powerful punchiness to it, so we decided to carry on gigging and the rest is history as they say.”

The Retrobaits play carefully selected covers and originals, most of which are written by David Yates. Of his songwriting he says “I try and come up with catchy riffs and patterns that don't follow the normal structure, then I kind of keep them in the memory bank. When I get the feel of the song I build them together. I normally have a flash of inspiration and write a song in a few minutes. ‘Your Squeezes Don't Leave Me’ was written in the time it took me to eat my breakfast cereal one morning. Stuart came up with the title and I wrote the song.”

So far the band has recorded four songs (two originals and two covers), which are out now in limited-edition CD release. They recorded at Western Star Recording Studios and credit engineer Alan Wilson for helping them get the sound they wanted. The band will be back in the studio in March to record a full album, which is due out on the Western Star label later in 2016. David Yates: “The material for the forthcoming album will be a band collaboration consisting of a mixture of life experiences, our conversations with people along the way, and a bit of nonsense all thrown in!” For now you can check out the band’s Facebook page for information about purchasing their recordings.

The Retrobaits are a fantastic addition to the rockabilly world, and are clearly going places fast. I only hope that a U.S. tour happens someday, and that Boston is the first stop!

Jittery Jack and Miss Amy: Upcoming U.S. Tour

Speaking of tours, Boston rockabilly sensations Jittery Jack and Miss Amy are heading out on an extensive U.S. jaunt that kicks off in February. See the dates below, and be sure to go see them when they come your way. These are fantastically talented musicians who always put on a great rockin' performance. I want to thank these guys for inviting me to DJ at their February 26 show at O'Brien's in Allston. We're gonna send them off in style!

2/25/16 KOTO, Salem MA
2/26/16 O'Briens - Boston, MA
2/27/16 Ottos Shrunken Head, NYC
2/28/16 JV's, Falls Church VA
2/2916 Pour House, Raleigh, NC
3/1/16 Jack of the Woods, Asheville, NC
3/2/16 TBA
3/3/16 Wormholes, Savannah GA
3/4/16 The Volstead, Jacksonville FL
3/5/16 Will's, Orlando FL
3/7/16 The Big Top, Houston TX
3/8/16 The Amp Room, San Antonio, TX
3/9/16 Carousel Room, Austin TX
3/11/16 Chopper Johns, Phoenix AZ
3/12/16 Artifice, Las Vegas NV
3/14/16 The Barkley, Pasadena CA
3/15/16 Tower Bar, San Diego CA
3/16/16 Joes Bar & Grill, Burbank CA
3/17/16 94th Aero Squadron, Van Atta CA
3/18/16 Night Light, Oakland CA
3/19/16 Landmark Saloon, Portland OR
3/20/16 Albatross, Ballard(Seattle) WA
3/21/16 The Emerald Room, Vancouver BC
3/22/16 Slims Last Chance, Seattle WA
3/23/16 TBA
3/24/16 Salt Lake City, UT (Venue TBA)
3/25/16 Goosetown Tavern, Denver CO
3/26/16 Johnny's Navajo Hogan, Colorado Springs, CO
3/28/16 Palmers Bar, Minneapolis, MN
3/29/16 Malarkeys Pub, Wausau WI
3/30/16 Honkytonk BBQ, Chicago IL
3/31/16 PJ's Lager House, Detroit MI
4/1/16 Al's Beer Garden, Lexington KY
4/2/16 Hank Dietle's Tavern, Rockville MD
4/3/16 The Ale House, Troy NY

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Happy 2016/Songs from The January 8 Show/Brass Union January 13

Happy 2016, everyone!

I'm excited say "Easy Ed's Variety Hour" is heading into its tenth year. Hard to believe, but calendars don't lie! To celebrate, we're planning a special live event for later this year. We'll have multiple bands on the bill; it's gonna be a real blowout. Details to come soon.

Much sooner--this coming Wednesday, January 13--I’ll be spinning records with my good buddy P.J. Eastman at Brass Union in Somerville. We start at 8:00 PM and roll until closing. Brass Union is cool little nightspot with a fantastic sound system, great food and drink, friendly staff and patrons, table games, dance floor, and more! See you there!

Brass Union (formerly Precinct), 70 Union Square, Somerville, Massachusetts 02143

Rock on, Friends!

--Easy Ed

Here are the songs from last night's show (January 8)

Bobby Lollar “Bad Bad Boy” from Various: Bad Boy on Buffalo Bop — Benton Records 1958

Jerry Lee Lewis “High School Confidential” from Greatest Hits on Charly Records — Sun Records 1958

The Moonstompers “You Don’t Rock Me” from Many Miles Away on Enviken Records — Enviken Records 2008/

Jerry DeMar “Lover Man” from Various: Rockin' And Boppin' In The Desert: Arizona Rockabilly, Vol. 2 on Bear Family Records — Ford Records 1957

The Titans “Stick Shift” from Today’s Teen Beat on MGM — Background/ambient

The Retrobaits “Don’t You Be Gone Long” from n/a on N/A —

Bobby Lord “Beautiful Baby” from Various: 100 Rare '50s Rockabilly Tracks on Rock-A-Billy Records — Columbia Records 1956

Carl McVoy “Little Girl” from Various: Sun Rockabilly Meltdown on Charly Records — Hi Records 1958 (originally unissued)

The Pastels “K. Nif” from Various: Reallll Rrrrockin' on Collector Records — Background/ambient

Spud ‘n’ Nick & the Roughshods “Mama’s Little Baby” from Various: The Big D Round-Up on Goofin’ Records —

Bobby Helms “Tennessee Rock & Roll” from Various: 20 Rockabilly Classics on MCA Records — Decca Records 1956

Wayne Walker “Little Ole You” from Various: Brunswick Rock & Roll Party, Vol. 1 on Lesley Records — Brunswick Records 1959

Tim Whitsett “Scalywag” from Various: Rockabilly Wildcats on Rock-A-Billy Records — Background/ambient

Gene Vincent “Pretty, Pretty Baby” from Gene Vincent: The Road Is Rocky on Bear Family Records — Capitol Records 1957

Gene Vincent Interviewed by Jim Pewter in 1968 “Interview excerpt” from Bonus 45 from Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps: Rock ‘n’ Roll Legend on Capitol Records — Capitol Records LP box set

Gene Vincent “Be-Bop-A-Lula” from Gene Vincent: The Road Is Rocky on Bear Family Records — Capitol Records 1956

Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps “Rocky Road Blues (Backing Track)” from The Capitol Collectors Series: Gene Vincent on Capitol — Background/ambient

Don Woody “Barking up the Wrong Tree” from Various: That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 2 on Bear Family Records — Decca Records 1957

Alvis Wayne “Sleep Rock 'n' Roll Rock-A-Bye Baby” from Various: Texas Rockabilly And Hillbilly Boogie, Vol. 1 on Esoldun Music — Westport Records 1957

Eddie Clendening “That’s Alright” from Eddie Clendening Is the Rage of the Teenage! on Wormtone Records —

Johnny Nace “You Got the Blues” from Various: Early Missouri Rockers from Jan Records on Collector Records — Jan Records 1958

Biller & Wakefield “Night In Topeka” from The Hot Guitars Of Biller & Wakefield on Hightone Records — Background/ambient

Lucky White & the Ponderosa Playboys “Ponderosa Rock” from Various: More Rock from The Great Early Days on Collector Records — Background/ambient

The Coachmen “Tombstone Every Mile” from The Turner Sessions on Promo of Unreleased CD — Go see the Roy Sludge Trio whenever humanly possible:

Dale Oliver & Paul Hight with the Western Cousins “Waiting For Your Love” from n/a on Joyce Records 45 — Joyce Records 1965

Evelyn Harlene and Casey Clark's Band “i Wanna Be Free” from Various: That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 27 on Bear Family Records — Sage & Sand 1957

Rusti Steel & the Star Tones “Gas Up My Hot Rod Stoker” from CafĂ© a-La Rock on The Western Star Recording Company —

Jimmie Rivers and the Cherokees “Jammin’ with Jimmy” from Brisbane Bop on Joaquin Records — Background/ambient

Big Joe Turner “Honey Hush” from The Definitive Blues Collection on Atlantic Records — Atlantic Records 1953

Calvin Boze “Safronia B” from Calvin Boze: The Complete Recordings on Blue Moon Imports — Aladdin Records 1950

Mamie Jenkins “Jump With Me Baby” from n/a on Flash Records 45 (reissue) — Flash Records 1957

Kid Thomas “You Heard What I Said” from n/a on Transcontinental Records — Transcontinental Records 1960

Hank Moore “Part Time” from Various: Burinin’ Rockers and Blues on Goldenlane Records — Background/ambient

The Johnny Otis Show “Good Golly” from n/a on Capitol Records 45 — Capitol Records 1957

Leslie Harris “I Hung My Head and Cried” from Various: Jook Joint, Vol. 3 on Time Records — Shad Records 1959

Tender Slim “I'm Checkin' Up” from Various: Desperate Rhythm 'n' Blues, Vol. 3 on Big Max Records — Herald Records 1962

Esquerita “Hole in my Heart” from Believe Me When I Say Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay on Fan Club Records — Capitol Records 1959

Curley & the Jades “Boom Stix” from Various: 50's & 60's Wild Guitar Instrumentals on Red Devil Records — Background/ambient

The Trademarks “Ba-Ha Ree Ba” from n/a on Jubal Records 45 — Jubal Records 1963

Mackey Beers and the Rockitts “That Jim” from n/a on Mark Records 45 (Reissue) — Mark Records 1962

Howie Casey and the Seniors “Twist At the Top” from Various: Desperate Rock and Roll, Vol. 3 on Flame Records — Fontana Records 1962

Paul Livert and the Lions “Chicken Twist” from Chicken Twist, Volume 2 on Metro Records — Background/ambient

Darwin Nelson And The Blaze-Makers “Lazy Lu” from Various: Party Crasher on Buffalo Bop — Tek Records 1959

Baker Knight “Hungry for Love” from Various: Greasy Rock 'n' Roll, Vol. 12 on Blakey Holdings — Checker Records 1962

Carmen Ghia and the Hot Rods “Black Jack” from Flying Saucer Baby on self released —

The Playboys “Boston Hop” from Various: Wild! Wild! Twist on Chancellor Records LP — Background/ambient

Jack and the Real Deals “I Got Love” from Chain Gang Blues on Foot Tapping Records —

Monty Olive “Mary Lee” from n/a on J.J.s Records — J.J.s Records 1968

Ray Smith “Break Up” from Various: Sun Rockabilly Meltdown on Charly Records — Sun Records 1958 (originally unissued)

Neville Dickie “Boogie Woogie Stomp” from Various: Rock 'n' Roll with Piano, Vol. 18 on Collector Records — Background/ambient

Jody Reynolds “Shot Down” from Endless on Tru Gem Records — Background/ambient

Elvis Presley “Come What May (Alternate Take)” from From Nashville To Memphis: The Essential 60s Masters on RCA — RCA Records 1966 (unissued)

The Ventures “Bird Swingers” from Runnin’ Strong on Sunset Records — Sunset Records 1966