Saturday, July 15, 2017

July 14 Broadcast/Primitive Sounds/Cranktones and More at The Midway July 22!

Hi, everyone.

Happy mid-summer, and I hope all's well with my listeners. Feel free to get in touch via Facebook and let me know. If you hear records or bands that might be a good fit for the program I'd love to hear about it--let me know. Thanks for listening too!

If you missed last night's show you can find the free archive here, along with a few years' worth of previous broadcasts. 

Remember that we have a huge rockin' show coming up at the Midway next Saturday night (July 22): Roy Sludge, the Cranktones, the Fearless Leaders, and the Barley Hoppers (with Easy Ed's Record Hop). Advance tickets available at the Midway's site.

On July 19 I'll be spinning the Primitive Sounds at Brass Union in Somerville with my special guest DJ Jason Thornton. 8:00 PM start, no cover, excellent food and drink. Hope to see you there!

Here are the songs from the July 14 broadcast.

Orangie Ray Hubbard “Just Moved in” from Various: Great Rockers from Cincinnati on Collector Records

Tommie Tolleson “The Gulf Coast Twist” from Various: Flip, Flip on Buffalo Bop — Gulf Coast Records 1965

Don Ruby “Rockin' Piano, Outta Tune Guitar” from n/a on Cub 45 — Cub Records 1958

Jimmy C. Newman “Carry On” from Various: That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 5 on Bear Family Records — Dot Records 1958

Jerry Lee Lewis “I'm on Fire” from n/a on Smash 45 — Smash Records 1964

The Neutrons “Cut-Out” from Various: The Michigan Box on Be Sharp Records — Background/ambient

Herb Kliebe’s Nervous Kats “Devil’s Run” from Various: Strictly Instrumental, Vol. 1 on Buffalo Bop — Background/ambient

The Cranktones “Rock On” from n/a on unreleased — See the Cranktones 7/22 at the Midway!  Along with The Fearless Leaders, Roy Sludge, The Barley Hoppers, 
and Easy Ed's Record Hop.

Hedley and Lee “Trouble” from Challenge 45 (reissue) — Challenge Records 1963

Jackie Lee Cochran “Hip Shakin’ Mama” from n/a on Sims 45 — Sims Records 1956. This one goes out to our good friend John Duke Wales, whom we lost two years ago.

Dale Vaughn “Can You Be Mean to Me” from Various: Rockabilly Rarities, Vol. 3 on Yeaah! — Von Records 1958

Billy Mure's Supersonic Guitars “Supersonic” from Various: Wild Guitar Instrumentals on Rockbeat Records — Background/ambient

The Flintales “D-Rail” from Various: The Michigan Box on Be Sharp Records — Background/ambient

Bailey Dee “Too Long” from n/a on Ruby Records 45. See Baily Dee at the New England Shake-Up September 22-24.

Bobby McDowell “Lonely” from Various: Shiver and Shake on Buffalo Bop — Supreme Records 1960

The Satans “Big Boss Man” from Various: The Florida Box on Be Sharp Records — Seller Records 1966

Gene Vincent “Dance To The Bop” from Gene Vincent: The Road Is Rocky on Bear Family Records — Capitol Records 1957

The Tremolos “Riglolo Rock” from Various: Strictly Instrumental, Vol. 10 on Buffalo Bop — Background/ambient

The Starliners “Thunder” from Various: The Rockin' Reed Recordings on Collector Records — Background/ambient

Warren Smith “Tonight Will Be the Last Night” from Warren Smith: Classic Recordings on Bear Family Records — Sun Records 1958 (originally unissued)

Roy Sludge (The Coachmen) “Gooseball Brown” from The Turner Session on unreleased. 
See the Roy Sludge 7/22 at the Midway!  Along with The Fearless Leaders, The Cranktones, The Barley Hoppers, and Easy Ed's Record Hop.

Tony and Jackie Lamie and the Swing Kings “Sunset Blues” from Various: Virginia Rocks! The History of Rockabilly in the Commonwealth on JSP Records — Sunset Records 1958

Curtis Gordon “Sitting on Top of the World” from Various: That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 11 on Bear Family Records — Mercury Records 1957

Billy Vaughn “Raunchy” from n/a on Dot 45 — Background/ambient

Hank Ballard and The Midnighters “Rock, Granny, Roll” from n/a on Federal 45 — Federal Records 1956

The Hi-Liters “Bobby Sox Baby” from n/a on Vee-Jay 45 — Vee-Jay Records 1956

The Cues “Why?” from The Cues: Why? on Bear Family Records — Capitol Records 1956

The Dells “What You Say Baby” from n/a on Vee-Jay 45 — Vee-Jay Records 1958

The Four Kings “Hokin’” from Various: Original Memphis Rhythm 'n' Blues on Stomper Time Records — Background/ambient

Lucky Carmichael “Hey Girl” from n/a on Pam 45 (reissue) — Pam Records 1961

Larry Dale “Drinking Wine Spo-dee-o-dee” from n/a on Atlantic Records 45 — Atlantic Records 1962

Ruth Brown “Sweet Baby of Mine” from Various: Voodoo Voodoo on Fantastic Voyage — Atlantic Records 1956

Eddie Bo “Oh Oh” from n/a on Chess Records 45 (reissue) — Chess Records 1957

Larry Williams “Heeby-Jeebies” from n/a on Specialty 45

The Impellas “Hook-em” from n/a on SAN 45 — Background/ambient

Elmore James “Stranger Blues” from n/a on Fire 45 — Fire Records 1961

Billy Gayles “Do Right Baby” from n/a on Federal 45 — Federal Records 1956

Gene Burks “Shirley Jean” from n/a on Arock 45 — Arock Records 1964

Boots Brown and His Blockbusters “Cerveza” from n/a on RCA Victor 45 — Background/ambient

Frankie and Johnny “Picadilly Rose” from n/a on Blast Off 45 — Blast Off Records 1960

Maria Dallas “Ambush” from n/a on EMI 45 — EMI 1967

The Deltas “Wan-Bak-A-Na (She’s My Girl)” from n/a on EMP 45 — EMP Records 1965

Ford Hopkins “Ya Fine Fine Fine” from Various: Greasy Rock 'n' Roll, Vols. 5 and 6 on Blakey Holdings

The Escorts “Silly Putty” from Various: East Side Sound Vol. 2 on Bacchus Archives — Background/ambient

The Rough Diamonds “Slingshot Around The Sun” from Slingshot (Around The Sun) on Diablo Records — Diablo Records 1995

Vince Taylor and His Playboys “Move Over Tiger” from n/a on Pallette 45 — Pallette Records 1961

Bobby Darin “Pity Miss Kitty” from Twist with Bobby Darin on Warner Brothers — Atco Records 1961

Eddie Angel “Love is a Swingin’ Thing” from Eddie Angel Meets The Beatles on Spinout Records — Spinout Records. See Eddie Angel with Los Straitjackets August 18 at The Sinclair in Cambridge.

The Gigalos “Night Creature” from Various: Amazing Hits of the Transistor Era, Vol. 1 on Fervor Records — Background/ambient

The 24th Street Wailers “Aim to Please” from Wicked on The 24th Street Wailers — See them at The New England Shake-Up! 

The Beats “Beatnik Bounce” from n/a on Columbia 45 — Background/ambient

Kai Rai “I Want Some of That” from Various: Desperate Rock 'n' Roll, Vol. 2 on Flame — Shooting Star 1961

The Majestics “Oasis” from Various: Shrunken Head Exotica on Red Devil Records

Saturday, July 1, 2017

June 30 Broadcast/Cranktones, Barley Hoppers, Roy Sludge, Fearless Leaders July 22 at the Midway

Hi, folks!

If you missed last night's broadcast you can find the (always free) archive MP3 right here. The songs from this week's show are listed below. 

Remember that we have a huge rockin' show coming up at the Midway on July 22: Roy Sludge, the Cranktones, the Fearless Leaders, and the Barley Hoppers (with Easy Ed's Record Hop). Advance tickets available at the Midway's site. 

Have a great weekend!

--Easy Ed

Here's what we played last night:

Bing Day
“I Can't Help It” from Various: That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 11 on Bear Family Records — Mercury Records 1959

Johnny O'Keefe “Real Wild Child” from Various: Brunswick Rock & Roll Party, Vol. 1 on Lesley Records — Brunswick Records 1958

The Sureshots “Bop-a-Lena” from Various: The Rock 'a' Billy Heaven Presents Tour '98 on Be Be's Records

Eddie Cochran “Pretty Girl” from The Eddie Cochran Box Set on EMI — Liberty Records 1958

Jittery Jack “Boston Baby” from Gonna Have a Time with Jittery Jack on Annabelle Records

Larry Donn “Sunshine Rock” from That's What I Call a Ball on Collector Records — Background/ambient

Milton Allen “Don't Bug Me Baby” from THAT'LL FLAT GIT IT, VOL. 1 (RCA Victor) on Bear Family Records — RCA Victor Records 1957

Ray Campi “You Don't Rock and Roll At All” from Rockabilly Rocket on Synergie OMP — Rollin’ Rock Records 1977

Ron Ouderkirk “My Kind of Woman” from Various: Do the Bop on Buffalo Bop — Sitation Records (date?)

Carl McVoy “Little John’s Gone” from n/a on Hi Records 45 — Hi Records 1958

The Silvertones “High Hat Rock” from Various: Strictly Instrumental, Vol. 4 on Buffalo Bop — Background/ambient

Ben Hewitt “I Want a New Girl Now” from n/a on Mercury 45 — Mercury Records 1960

Jimmy Dell “I've Got a Dollar” from n/a on RCA 45 — RCA Victor 1958

The Teen Tones “Don’t Call Baby I’ll Call You” from Don’t Call Baby I’ll Call You on Decca 45 — Decca Records 1959

Charlie Hightone and the Rock-It`s “Baby Behave” from n/a on Sleazy 45

I4 Camillo “Guitar Twist” from Various: Collector Items From Belgium, Vol. 1 on Rarity Records — Background/ambient

Carmen Ghia and the Hot Rods “Broken Heart” from Tough Lover on Self-Released

Johnny Lion “Haunted Heart” from Various: Desperate Rock and Roll, Vol. 4 on Flame Records — Coed Records 1959

Marcel Bontempi “Crawfish” from n/a on O-HA Records 45

Rod Willis “Will Travel” from Various: The Rockin' South on Ace Records — NRC Records 1959

Duane Eddy “Water Skiing (Without Sound Effects)” from Deep in the Heart of Twangsville on Bear Family Records — Background/ambient

Walton and the Silver Lake Boys “Man What a Party” from Various: The Texas Box on Be Sharp Records — Lael Records (date?)

Roy Sludge (The Coachmen) “Sugar Coated Love” from The Turner Session on unreleased

George Wormington “Hours with the Owls” from Various: The Texas Box on Be Sharp Records — Orbit Records (date?)

The Barley Hoppers “Doghouse Boogie” from The Barley Hoppers on Self-Released

Roy Clark “Texas Twist” from Lightning Fingers Of Roy Clark on Rock-A-Billy Records — Background/ambient

Ernie Freeman “Walking the Beat” from n/a on Imperial 45 — Background/ambient

Jimmy McCracklin “Savoy Jump” from n/a on Irma 45 (reissue) — Irma Records 1957

Young Jessie “Hit, Git, and Split” from Various: Jiving Jamboree on Ace Records — Modern Records 1956

Paul Gayten “You Better Believe it” from n/a on Checker 45 — Checker Records 1956

The Ray-O-Vacs “Party Time” from It's Party Time with the The Ray-O-Vacs on Coleman Records — Kaiser Records 1956

Jimmy Spruill “Raisin' Hell” from Various: Harlem Rock 'n' Blues, Vol. 3 on Collectables — Background/ambient

Bo Toliver “Farm Dell Rock” from Various: Desperate Rhythm ‘n’ Blues, Vol. 3 on Big Max — Background/ambient

Bonnie and the Little Blue Boys “You Better Run” from n/a on Nikko 45 — Nikko Records 45

Larry Williams “She Said “Yeah”” from n/a on Specialty 45 — Specialty Records 1959

The Dolphins “Pony Race” from n/a on Gemini Records 45 — Gemini Records 1962

Big Bo and the Arrows “Big Bo's-Twist” from n/a on Duchess 45 — Duchess Records 1962

Steve Douglas “Casual Twist” from Twist with Steve Douglas on Crownstar Records / The Orchard — Background/ambient

Bo Diddley “You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover” from Bo Diddley: The Chess Box on MCA — Chess Records 1962

Buddy Lucas “Bump Te Bump” from n/a on Lawn 45 — Lawn Records 1964

The Dial Tones “Chicago Bird” from n/a on Lawn 45 — Lawn Records 1963

The Rip 'Em Ups “I Don't Care Baby” from Killswitch! on Rhythm Bomb Records

The Legends “Late Train” from n/a on Empire 45 — Background/ambient

Los Straitjackets “Outta Gear” from ¡Viva! Los Straitjackets on Viva! Los Straitjackets Upstart Records —Coming to the Sinclair in Cambridge August 18

Bobby Osborn “Wine, Wine, Wine” from Various: Rhythm and Booze on Buffalo Bop Records — Knickerbocker Records 1963

The Dropouts “I'm Leaving” from n/a on Acame 45 — Acame Records 1964

Jim Doval and The Gauchos
“Bony Maroni” from n/a on Diplomacy 45 — Diplomacy Records 1965

Adrian Lloyd and the Sunsets “Mersey Girl” from Breakthrough on Sundazed — Background/ambient

Santo & Johnny “Tequila” from Santo & Johnny on Black Tulip — Background/ambient

The Wheelgrinders “Betty Lou’s Got a New Tattoo” from Torque-Flite Baby on The Wheelgrinders

Jimmy Apostle & The Willows “I Love Ya Honey” from I Love Ya Honey — Power Records 1961

Rodger and the Tempests “Bad Bad Way” from Various: Teenage Rebels, Vol. 2 on Red Devil Records — Nu Records

Bowleggs “Hunky Twist” from Various: The 60's Hipster Lounge on Garage Masters Records — Background/ambient

The Excels “Let's Dance” from Various: Fear on Buffalo Bop — Gibson Records 1963