Saturday, November 19, 2016

November 18 Show/Thank You, Billy Miller/Primitive Sounds at Brass Union Thanksgiving Eve

Hi, folks.

Saturday morning. Facing a long to-do list, which is why this post reads like directions for setting up your new toaster. ("Congratulations!  . . .")

1. The songs from last night's show are listed below.

2. The (always free) archive MP3 for this show is available for download here.

3. We are eternally grateful to Billy Miller, co-founder of Norton Records, for the tons of cool songs he found and released to the world at large. We play Norton material on almost every show. Rest in peace, Billy.

4. Thanksgiving Eve: Join me at Brass Union in Somerville, MA, for a very cool rockin' record party, with DJ sets by me and my good buddy Forrest Plassmann. 8:00 to 1:00, 21+, no cover, cool venue, table games, excellent food and drink.

Thanksgiving Eve at Brass Union
Easy Ed and Forrest Plassmann
Spinning the Platters from 8:00 to 1:00

Brass Union
7 Union Square
Somerville, MA

5. Keep your records clean and sleeved in a climate-controlled space. But if they're beat up, play 'em anyway. Play them! Records are not museum pieces. They are there to be enjoyed by you today.

6. Life is short, and it goes by quickly. Be good to your fellow human beings and animals. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's What We Played on November 18, 2016

Bob Calloway & the Spiro Hep Cats “What's the Matter with Me” from Various: Wild Rockin' on Collector Records — Big Red Records 1958

Marlon Grisham “Ain't That a Dilly” from Various: Hot Rockin' Music from Memphis on Stomper Time Records — Cover Records 1959

Scott Engel with Count Dracula & the Boys “Good for Nothin'” from n/a on Orbit Records 45 — Orbit Records 1958

Bob Butfoy & the Western All-Stars “Movin’ In” from Various: We Never Had It So Good on Western Star

Johnny Gore & The Jesters “Fi Fi” from Various: The Rockin' Reed Recordings on Collector Records — Background/ambient

Bucky and The Premieres “Cruisin'” from Various: Hot Rod Gang on Buffalo Bop

Benny Joy “Bundle of Love” from Benny Joy: Crash the Rockabilly Party on Ace — 1958 (originally unissued)

Darrell Higham and Jittery Jack “The Remedy” from Darrell Higham Meets Jittery Jack on Preview of forthcoming release

The Vibratos “Vibrate” from Various: Rare Rock 'n' Roll Masters on Goldenlane Records — Background/ambient

Bryant Trenier & The Dynasonics “Kiss Me Once” from Bryant Trenier & The Dynasonics on El Toro Records

Johnny Powers “Long Blond Hair, Red Rose Lips” from Various: Reallll Rrrrockin' on Collector Records — Fox Records 1957

Duane Eddy “Cottonmouth” from Duane A Go Go Go on Colpix — Background/ambient

Ray Smith “Hey, Boss Man” from n/a on Sun 45 — Sun Records 1962

Johnny Garner “Little Girl, Kiss Me Sweet” from Various: Cat Music: Rockin’ and Boppin’ on Mustang — Imperial Records 1958

Chilli & Mario “What I Miss” from Fingerprints on Part Records

Jerry Jones & Johnny Winster's Band “Ice Cube” from Various: Rock 'n' Roll with Piano on Collector Records — Background/ambient

The Collins Kids “Hoy Hoy” from The Rockinest on Bear Family Records — Columbia Records 1958

Woody Thorne “Sadie Lou” from Rock 'N' Roll With Piano, Vol. 5 on Collector Records — GNP Records 1961

TJ Mayes “45 Rpm” from From the Plains to the Piers on Wild Records

Sonny Burgess “Feelin' Good” from Hittin' That Jug! The Best Of Sonny Burgess on Self-Released — Sun Records 1956 (originally unissued)

Buddy Starr “Hold It” from n/a on Kangaroo Records 45 — Background/ambient

The Joel Patterson Trio “Boppin' Steel Guitar” from Steel Is Real on Ventrella Records — Background/ambient

Faron Young “Snowball” from n/a on Capitol Records 45 — Capitol Records 1957

Jack Huddle “Starlight” from Various: West Texas Bop on Ace Records — Kapp Records 1958

Don Head “Goin' Strong” from Various: Real Gone Daddy on Mustang Records — Dub Records 1958

Sonny Fisher “Rockin' & a-Rollin'” from Various: Real Cool Cats on El Toro Records — Starday Records 1955

Slim Willet “Cruisin’ (with the Cruisers)” from Various: Boppin' Hillbilly Series on Collector Records — Collector Records

The Ted Taylor Four “Jericho” from Four Times Four on Smith & Co. — Background/ambient

Al Caiola “Guitar Boogie” from n/a on United Artists 45 — United Artists 1962. We salute you, Al Caiola. Rest in peace.

Al Caiola “Apache” from Golden Hit Instrumentals on United Artists LP — Background/ambient

Eddie Cleary “Think It Over Baby” from Various: Desperate Rock and Roll, Vol. 2 on Flame Records — Kawana Records 1959

Jack and the Real Deals “You Gotta Pay” from Chain Gang Blues on Foot Tapping Records

Jerry Lee Lewis “Lovin' Up a Storm” from Classic Jerry Lee Lewis on Bear Family — Sun Records 1959

Joe Johnson “Rattlesnake Daddy” from Various: Shake it Up on Buffalo Bop — Acame Records 1963

Jimmy Preston “Oh Babe” from Various: The R&B Years 1950 on Boulevard Vintage — Derby Records 1950

Roy Brown “Mr. Hound Dog’s Back in Town” from n/a on King 45 — King Records 1953

Teddy "Mr. Bear" McRae “Hi Fi Baby” from Various: Rock N' Roll '50s Blues Essentials on Master Classics Records — Amp 3 Records 1958

Big Al Downing “Georgia Slop” from n/a on Columbia Records 45 — Columbia Records 1964

Buster Brown “The Madison Shuffle” from The Bobby Robinson Story Volume 2 on JSP Records — Background/ambient

Piano Slim “Squeezing” from n/a on Dart Records 45 — Background/ambient

The Fathoms “The Hearse” from Overboard on Musick Records 

Ray McArthur’s Hill Stoppers “Raymond’s Beat” from Various: Strictly Instrumental, Vol. 9 on Buffalo Bop — Background/ambient

The Margraves “That Somethin'” from On the Warpath on Rhythm Bomb 

Senor Jimenez “California Dance” from n/a on Feature Records 45 — Feature Records 1964

Fats And His Cats “Our Slop Is Here to Stay” from n/a on CBS 45 — CBS Records 1963

The Knockouts “Mo Jo (Part 1)” from n/a on Tribute Records 45 — Tribute Records 1964

Frank De Rosa & His D Men “Irish Rock” from n/a on Dot Records 45 — Background/ambient

Norton Records Tribute. Thank You, Billy Miller, for the Great Kicks!

Bobby Fuller “Keep on Dancing” from El Paso Rock: Early Recordings, Vol. 1 on Norton — Thank you for everything, Billy Miller!

Gene Maltais “Lovemakin'” from Various: The Raging Teens, Vol. 2 on Norton Records — Regal Records 1958

Doug Sahm and The Dell Kings “Slow Down” from Various: I Hate CDs on Norton Records — Harlem Records 1960

The Versatiles “Moon Dawg!” from Various: Shake Um Up Rock on Norton Records — Sea Crest Records 1961

Bobby Fuller “Thunder” from Bobby Fuller: El Paso Rock, Vol. 3 on Norton Records — Background/ambient

Long John Hunter “El Paso Rock” from Ooh Wee Pretty Baby! on Norton Records — Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Easy Ed's Variety Hour November 4, 2016 + Primitive Sounds November + More!

Hi, folks!

Missed last night's show (November 4, 2016)? Just click here to get to the always-free archive mp3. Scroll down to see the songs we played this time out.

Like what you hear? Please comment on the Easy Ed's Variety Hour Facebook page. Thank you for your support!

On November 9 Easy Ed and Stacy Thornton will be spinning the Primitive Sounds at Brass Union in Somerville, MA. Early start (8:00 PM). All vinyl 45s all night. Rockabilly, rock 'n' roll, '50s R&B, and lots more! No cover, great food and drinks--all at a very cool little nightspot. Hope to see you there! (Update: Our November 9 night at Brass Union was cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control. Stacy Thornton will instead be our guest DJ on December 14.)

December 23: Get your tickets (please do--this show's about to sell out) for the Raging Teens' 20th anniversary celebration/rockin' holiday show at O'Brien's in Allston. With Roy Sludge, Ten Dollar Mistake, and Easy Ed's Record Hop.

Have a rockin' weekend!

Easy Ed

Here are the songs we played on November 4

Joey Nepote “Doctor, Doctor, Doctor” from Various: Knock Out on Buffalo Bop — Blue Ribbon Records

Ronnie Haig “Hey Little Baby” from Get Hip Archives on Get Hip Records — 1957 (unissued acetate)

The Infernos “Local Boy” from Various: Goofin' Around on Goofin' Records —

Ronnie Self “You're So Right for Me” from Various: Ain't I'm a Dog on Columbia Legacy — Columbia Records 1958

The Rhythm Aces “Mohawk Rock” from Various: Rockabilly And Rockers on Collector Records — Sparkette Records 1959

Jimmy Thurman “Pretty Baby” from Various: Rockabilly And Rockers on Collector Records — Sparkette Records 1959

The Stillmen “Stow-A-Way” from All Hopped Up on Star Tone Records

Boots Collins “Mean” from Various: Great Rockin' Girls on Collector Records

Billy Harlan “I Wanna Bop” from Various: That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 2 on Bear Family Records — Decca Records 1958 /See him at the Nashville Boogie, May 18-21, 2017.

The Jim Dandees “Loco-Motion” from n/a on Star Crest Records 45 — Background/ambient

Eddie Cochran “Somethin' Else” from Liberty 45 on Liberty — Liberty Records 1959

Bob and Ray “Shorty Shorty” from n/a on Nasco Records 45 — Nasco Records 1958

Jimmy Apostle and The Willows “I Love Ya Honey” from Various: Record Hop Madness, Vol. 1 on RHM — Power Records 1961

The Ozarks “Who Stole My Bird Dog?” from n/a on California Records 45 — Background/ambient

The Raging Teens “Waiting Right Here” from Rock 'N' Roll Party on Rubric Records — See them 12/23 with Roy Sludge, Ten Dollar Mistake, and Easy Ed’s Record Hop

Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys “Chalk It Up to the Blues” from It's Time! on Yep Roc Records — See them 11/12 at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge. And I will see you there.

The Titans “Guitar Boogie Shuffle” from Today's Teen Beat on MGM LP — Background/ambient

Glen Glenn “One Cup of Coffee and a Cigarette” from Various: Rarest Rockabilly and Hillbilly Boogie/The Best of Ace Rockabilly on Ace Records — Era Records 1958

Jake Calypso and His Red Hot “When the Pretty Girl Bop” from Downtown Memphis on Chickens Records —

Rex Ellis “Bop Hop Jamboree” from Various: Memphis Rockabillies, Hillbillies & Honky Tonkers, Vol. 2 on Stomper Time Records — Rivermont Records 1958

The Moods “Easy Going” from Various: Sarg Rockers on Collector Records — Background/ambient

Bill Lawrence “Hey Baby” from Various: Cat Talk: The Best of Imperial Rockabilly on EMI — Freedom Records 1958

Luke McDaniel “Go Ahead Baby” from Various: That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 16 on Bear Family — Sun Records 1957 (originally unissued)

Hank's Jalopy Demons “You Bring out the Wolf in Me” from Music on the Up Beat on Flipster Records —

Bob Luman “Deep Dark Jungle” from Bob Rocks on Bear Family — 1955 demo recording (originally unissued)

The Gentry Brothers “Swanky” from Various: Chicken Rock on Eagle Records — Background/ambient

Red Rhodes “Country Boogie Blues” from Various: Somebody's Rockin' on P-VINE RECORDS (Japanese Reissue) — Background/ambient

Nate Gibson with the Barnshakers “Where There's a Will There's a Way” from Nate Gibson and Friends: The Starday Sessions on Goofin' Records

Don Gibson “Sittin' Here Cryin'” from Don Gibson: A Legend in My Time on Bear Family Records — RCA Victor 1957

Lester Peabody “Nine O'Clock Special” from Focus on Guitars on Goofin' Records — Background/ambient

Todd Rhodes and His Orchestra “Jumpin’ with the Mountain King” from Blues For The Red Boy: The Early Sensation Recordings on Ace Records — Background/ambient

Fats Domino “Don't You Know I Love You” from n/a on Imperial Records 45 — Imperial Records 1955

The Barons “My Baby’s Gone” from n/a on Decca Records 45 — Decca Records 1954

Gene and Eunice “Bom Bom Lulu” from n/a on Aladdin Records 45 — Aladdin Records 1957

The Wheels “Let's Have a Ball” from n/a on Premium Records 45 — Premium Records 1956

Paul Gayten “Beatnik Bounce” from n/a on Anna Records 45 — Background/ambient

The Starjays “My Wild Girl” from Bang! It's the Starjays on Rhythm Bomb Records

Wild Jimmy Spruill “Scratch 'n’ Twist” from Scratch 'n’ Twist on Night Train International — Background/ambient

Ray Washington “I Know” from n/a on Vin Records 45 — Vin Records 1959

Sweet Pea Walker “Sweet Pea” from n/a on Sweet Pea Records

Bo Diddley “Give Me a Break” from n/a on Checker 45 (Reissue) — Checker Records 1962

Davey Jones “Love Your Way” from Various: Mr. Hotshot's R&B Review on King Novelties Review — Apt Records 1958

Freddy King “Texas Oil” from n/a on Federal Records 45 — Background/ambient

Jerry Warren “Rompin’” from n/a on Dorset Records 45 — Background/ambient

Bobby Vee “Flyin' High” from n/a on Soma Records 45 — Soma Records 1959

Mike Waggoner and the Bops “Guitar Man” from n/a on Vee Records 45 — Vee Records 1961

Mike Kelly “Heart Breaker and A Lover” from n/a on Modern Sound 45 — Modern Sound 1958

Vince Everett “I Ain't Gonna Be Your Lowdown Dog No More” from n/a on ABC Paramount 45 — ABC Paramount 1962

The T-Bones “Six Banger” from '60s Rockin' Greats on Master Classics Records — Background/ambient

Ronnie Dawson (Commonwealth Jones) “Do Do Do” from Rockin' Bones: Legendary Masters on Crystal Clear Sound — Columbia Records 1961

The Retrobaits “Don't Be Gone Long” from Don't Be Gone Long 

Danny Dill “I’m Hungry for Your Lovin’” from Various: That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 13 on Bear Family Records — ABC-Paramount 1956

Kieron McDonald “Louanne” from Shake That Thing on Tagalong Records

Link Wray and the Wraymen “Rumble Mambo” from n/a on Okeh Records 45 — Background/ambient

Jack Bedient and The Chessmen “Double Whammy” from Various: Pebbles Presents Highs in the Mid Sixties, Vol. 7 on Pebbles — Fantasy Records 1965