Sunday, December 11, 2016

Our December 9 Broadcast/Easy Ed and Stacy Thornton at Brass Union December 14/Raging Teens December 23/The Nashville Boogie!

Hi, Folks! 

If you missed our December 9 broadcast you can download the (always free) MP3 by clicking here. The songs are listed at the bottom of this blog post, along with a description of what this one was all about. (It was a little different from our normal take.) As always, thanks for listening. 

While I have you, take a look at these upcoming live events!

December 14, 2016: Primitive Sounds at Brass Union is excited to have Stacy Thornton hit the decks with Easy Ed on December 14! Early 8:00 PM start, no cover, excellent menu and cocktails--and lots and lots of cool 45s spinnin' on the decks all night long. More info here.

Brass Union: 70 Union Square in Somerville, MA 02143.

We're super-excited for the Raging Teens' 20th Anniversary Show/Holiday Party on December 23. There will be two separate shows. The late one (with The Roy Sludge Trio and Ten Dollar Mistake) is sold out. There may still be tickets for the early show. Check here. Easy Ed's Record Hop will be spinnin' the wax the whole night! 

Easy Ed's Record Hop will be spinning at the Nashville Boogie, May 18-21, 2107, in Nashville, TN. Check out the cool flier they made for us!
This is an incredible event--80 bands, plus DJs and a huge indoor car shot. See the poster below. Check out the whole line up and reserved tickets at
Thank you, Nashville Boogie, for inviting us to spin. Can't wait!

Here's what we played on the December 9, 2016, show. All selections were 45s from the 200-record road box I bring to live shows in the Boston area. I'm always adding and removing records from that box, but all of these picks were in the current rotation as of this week. Enjoy, and Happy Holidays, everyone!

Fats Domino “I'm Ready” from n/a on Imperial 45 — Imperial Records 1959

Buster Brown “Sugar Babe” from n/a on Fire 45 — Fire Records 1962

Eddie Lang “She's Mine All Mine” from n/a on Ron 45 — Ron Records 1959

The Searchers “Wow Wow Baby” from n/a on Class 45 — Class Records 1958

Larry Williams “Heeby Jeebies” from n/a on Specialty 45 — Specialty Records 1957

Noble "Thin Man" Watts “Hot Tamales” from Hot Tamales on Baton 45 — Baton Records 45/ Background/ambient

Teddy and The Rough Riders “Path Finder” from n/a on Huron 45 — Huron Records 1961

Eddie Quinteros “Slow Down Sandy” from n/a on Brent 45 — Brent Records 1960

Gene Vincent “Git It” from n/a on Capitol 45 — Capitol Records 1959

The Legends “Bop-A-Lena” from n/a on Ermine 45 — Ermine Records 1963

The Caps “Redheaded Flea” from n/a on Get Hip 45 — Get Hip reissue 45/ Background/ambient

Willy Ward “Iggy Joe” from n/a on Star Records 45 — Star Records 1958

The Candy Johnson Show “Ohh Poo Paa Doo” from n/a on Canjo 45 — Canjo Records 1964

The Jumping Jacks “Roasted Peanuts” from n/a on Bertram International 45 — Bertram International Records 1961

Jimmy McCracklin “The Wobble” from n/a on Mercury 45 — Mercury Records 1959

The Tempos “It’s Tough” from n/a on Hi-Q Records — Hi-Q Records 1959/ Background/ambient

Rex Garvin and the Mighty Cravers “Emulsified” from n/a on Okeh 45 — Okeh Records 1961

Tabby Thomas “Popeye Train” from n/a on Excello 45 — Excello Records 1962

Little Jimmy Griffin “If Things Don’t Change” from n/a on Our 45 — Our Records 1960

Guitar Junior “The Crawl” from n/a on Goldband 45 — Goldband 1958

The Mixtures “Sen-Sa-Shun” from n/a on Linda Records 45 — Linda Records 1964/ Background/ambient

Bobby Peterson “Piano Rock” from n/a on V-Tone 45 — V-Tone Records 1960/ Background/ambient

Jerry Langford “Tell Me” from n/a — Del-Fi Records 1959

Huelyn Duvall “Pucker Paint” from n/a on Challenge Records 45 — Challenge Records 1957

Sonny Anderson “Yes, I’m Gonna Love You” from n/a on Imperial 45 — Imperial Records 1959

Jesse Lee Turner “Put Me Down” from n/a on Bear Family 45 — Bear Family 45 (Originally unreleased Sun Records recording from 1957)

Jerry Lee Lewis “Wild One” from n/a on Norton 45 — Norton Records 45 (Originally unreleased Sun Records recording from 1958)

The Clee Shays “Dynamite” from n/a on Triumph 45 — Triumph Records 1966/ Background/ambient

Roland Janes “Guitarville” from n/a on Judd Records 45 — Judd Records 1959/Background/ambient

Jittery Jack “Something Wicked this way Comes” from n/a on Rhythm Bomb 45 — Rhythm Bomb 45

Trini Lopez “Sinner Not a Saint” from n/a on United Modern 45 — United Modern 1963

Rusti Steel & the Star Tones “Prisoner of Your Charms” from Rock Hard! Rock Right! - EP on The Western Star Recording Company

Keetie and the Kats “Way Out” from n/a on Huron Records 45 — Huron 45 1961/ Background/ambient

The Johnny Otis Show (Johnny Otis and Marie Adams Vocals) “Bye Bye Baby” from n/a on Capitol Records 45 — Capitol Records 1957

Mamie Bradley “I Feel Like a Million” from n/a on Sue Records 45 — Sue Records 1958

The Robins “Whadaya Want?” from n/a on Spark 45 — Spark Records 1955

The Checkers “White Cliffs of Dover” from n/a on King Records 45 — King Records 1953

Bullmoose Jackson “Watch My Signals” from n/a on Encino 45 — Encino Records 1957

Edgard Blanchard “Let’s Get It” from n/a on Ric 45 — Ric Records 1958/ Background/ambient

H.B. Barnum “Tia Juana” from Tia Juana on Imperial 45 — Imperial Records 1958

Thunder Lee “Too Late for Tears” from n/a on Groove 45 — Groove Records 1963

Elmore James “Shake Your Moneymaker” from n/a on Fire Records 45 — Fire Records 1961

Lattimore Brown “Teenie Weenie” from n/a on Duchess 45 — Duchess Records 1961

Pete Bennett “We Feel So Good” from n/a on Sunset Records 45 — Sunset Records 1962/ Background/ambient

The Imps “That'll Get It” from n/a on Do-Ra-Me 45 — Do-Ra-Me Records 1961

The Catalinas “Cha Cha Joe” from n/a on Dial Records 45 — Dial Records 1963

The Swingtones “You Know Baby” from n/a on ABC-Paramount 45 — ABC-Paramount 1958

The Catalinas “Speechless” from n/a on Dial Records 45 — Back Beat Records 1958

Al Casey “The Stinger” from n/a on United Artists 45 — United Artists 1959 /background/ambient

Little Richard “Ooh! My Soul” from n/a on Specialty 45 — Specialty Records 1958

Joe Houston “Hooked” from Surf Rockin' on Crown Records LP — Background/ambient

Jimmy Crain “Shig-a-Shag” from n/a on Spangle 45 — Spangle Records 1958