Saturday, April 18, 2020

Easy Ed Spins the Platters: April 17, 2020

Hi, everyone! Last night (April 17, 2020) we did another “Easy Ed Spins the Platters” event on Facebook—or tried to: Facebook pulled the plug after 40 minutes. (Insert your own loving ode to Facebook here.) However, I recorded the mix from my ancient Vestax mixer and it sounded fine. This morning I added a few more of the records I had planned to play in order to fill out an hour of music for you. Reminder: These "Spin the Platters" sessions are informal—I make record selections on the fly, depending on how things are going and on what listeners want to hear. I hope you enjoy the archive, which you can find here.

The list of records played appears below. We’ll have a new edition of “Easy Ed’s Variety Hour” for you next Friday. Take care and be well!

Jerry Cole and his Spacemen: Racing Waves (Capitol 45, 1964)

The Instrumentals: Are You Nervous? (Red Fox 45, 1958)

Sandy Nelson: Let’s Go (International Polydor Production 45, 1964)

The Sparkletones: Bayou Rock (Paris 45, 1959)

Don Cole: Sweet Lovin’ Honey (Kent 45, 1958)

Richie Deran: Girl and a Hot Rod (Pontiac 45 RE, 1960)

Billy Lee Riley: Red Hot (Sun 45, 1957)

Red (Hot) Russell: Stop (Porter 45, 1958)

Tommy Adderley: Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On (Mar-Mar 45, 1964)

The Royal Teens: Royal Blue (Mighty Records, 1959)

Curtis Lee: Pure Love (Top Rank 45, 1960)

Bob Luman: Buttercup (Warner Brothers 45, 1959)

Teddy Redell: Pipeliner (Hi 45, 1960)

Charlie Rich: Midnight Blues (Sleazy Records reissue 45)

Timmy Brown: Gabba Gabba (Marashel 45, 1962)

The Champs: Midnighter (Challenge 45, 1958)

Joe Turner: Teen Age Letter (Atlantic 45, 1957)

Ella Mae Morse: Seventeen (Capitol 45, 1955)

Clyde McPhatter and The Drifters: What'cha Gonna Do (Atlantic 45, 1955)

The Cadets: Wiggie Waggie Woo (Modern 45, 1957)

The Du Droppers: Boot ‘Em Up (Groove 45, 1954)

Vinny Lee and the Spunkys (Lee 45, 1958)

Billy Land: Shimmy Shake (Warner Brothers 45, 1959)

Al Lucas: Sweet Tooth for My Baby Ruth (Challenge 45, 1959)

The Kuf-Linx: Service with a Smile (Challenge 45, 1958)

Bob Luman: Boston Rocker (Capitol 45, 1961)

Jerry Cole and his Spacemen: Boss Dance (Capitol 45, 1963)

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